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Love is death
L ove is like dark cloud
O ver my head
v erb can't sing
E very bit of my paint

I know he can't marry me
S o let me drung in my tear

D oes love understand
E very lover allow to be free
A llow him to be in my life
T he family would cry
H ow unfair about my life

Love is death
Love is blind
Love is enermy
Love kills my life


About the Author
Hi, welcome to my website, my name is Feyanna. I am a girl with a lot of dreams and passions. I am a girl that went through a lot of bad time in life. One thing I know poetry is my life and it can help me to reach out to other youth and adults. Life is not always going your way, life is not always beautiful, but it is what you made out of, it is what you know and what would you do about it.Any thi ...
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