Tender Thoughts from Pearl Watley Mitchell

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Jesus was challenged by Satan one day
To a webpage contest, a trophy to lay

We'll let the angels be the judge, he said
And when I win, oh boy, you'll be red.

Bring it on, Jesus said, I have no fear
For good wins over evil, no matter who's here.

Both sat at the screens with hope in heart
As Gabriel blew the whistle to start.

Satan downloaded graphics in a rush
Changed font three times, there was a hush.
He searched for fire and copied the flames
entered descriptions and all his names.
Links to cults and glossaries, earth and skies
including the seas, he claimed as his prize.

The angels held their breath, then sighed
As Jesus rolled frames aside, icons astride.
Love and truth, clouds and beings pictured there,
In Heaven so grand, so blessed, that land
Harps and wings and places so great, never late
For life there is eternity in-state, so great

Then boom went the power, a surge was felt
A big electric shot to the computers was dealt
The screens went black, the color was gone
And there was no file to show what was done.

Satan jumped up and yelled with a scream
What is this? What do you mean?
This is a joke, A sick thing to do.
You had this planned, all of you.

And Jesus just sat there editing his page
While Satan walked and squawked and raged
And when Satan saw it, he yelled, jumped 'round
How is his work still there, that's too profound?

Satan ran to the Father and became so irked
How is it there, full and perfect, he raved
To which The Father answered patiently
Remember, Jesus Saves!!

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