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Over the BS

Over the BS
I am tired of thinking about it all,
Just done for a while.
I have my books and that is what I need.
That is the goal on my path to succeed.
I don't want to think about too much else.
No energy. No time….
to think of the things that don't regress towards the line.
Not really upset – no use to be –
Just enjoying the sun and the moments to be me.
I am open to all, but not in the way you used to see –
No desire to play that game –
No desire to be the same.
No desire to explain.
Make any judgment you want – I won't even try to change.
Tell me it is blue. I will believe you.
I wont check up, or challenge the shade…
Won't even care if the truth is a masquerade.
That would be your issue, not mine.
Which is exactly the point that I am trying to define.
Take your issues and work them out on your own.
Be an adult – behave like you have grown.
I make my words and actions match –
And there is no reason I should expect less.
So – my world is getting smaller as I kick out a few –
And it gets bigger as I welcome in the new.
You can call me every name in the book – again and again.
There will be no hole in my heart left to mend –
Go ahead and hand me your guilt on a silver platter –
And watch it sit there, because it just really doesn't matter.
So, No I don't want to share, because I don't really care.
Don't tell me you understand – because I don't think you can.
Just go away. Find some place else to play.
This is my space, and there is no room for waste.
I like my clear thoughts, clear goals straight ahead –
I will spell it out for you if you need clarity on anything I said.

Elizabeth Driscoll October 10, 2003

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