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      Dreams Coming True

If a dream of yours came true
What would it mean to you?
Would it be a second chance?
To change what you'd done in the past

Would it mean another try?
To rediscover a love that died
Or maybe it may just be
A second try to live your life

I have a dream I want to come true
To go back to before I lost you
I'd change the things I said and done
The things that made you turn and run

My true dream would simply be
Something I have always dreamed
A second chance to be with you
To show my deepest feelings for you

If my dream did come true
The one of being here with you
I'd love you more than I once did
I'd hold you more than I ever did

So I pray this dream comes true
Not only for me, for you to
I doubt our dreams are the same
But all my dreams are always the same

Copyright 2002 Lee Platford

Written 14th Dec 2002

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