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 Tender Thoughts from Pearl Watley Mitchell  
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Eulogy to an Unwritten Poem

As I sat down to write a poem
thoughts were tragically gone

Oh, God forbid, my infant is dead
In just one moment of hesitation
A child is stillborn, victim of waiting

Pictures and ideas vividly imaged
so clearly sketched into my mind
adjectives, imagery whirling around.
Where'd it go, I mournfully whined?

Sad it is for life to be denied
Struggling to live and utter a verse
A legacy begging for life and breath
Unspoken words, dead before birth

Let me live, my offspring implored
Think hard and eagerly try to recall
what message it was I gave to you
just work through your memory stall

It might have been a prophetic epic,
note of welcome, tidings following
ballad of a hero, divinely inspired
extended proverb, akin to Solomon

I could have been an adored sonnet
might've been a matrimonial letter
an idiom or sad expression in a song
an ode to a truly benevolent fellow

My optimal potential was priceless
My influence goes without measure
But now mankind has experienced
The loss of a golden treasure

And mourning its death, I accept

That my offspring will never be
I have suffered forfeiture of
lyrics being rhymed by me

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