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 Tender Thoughts from Pearl Watley Mitchell  
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Joseph's Night

I knew what I must do when I went to sleep that night.
The burden of it all upon me lay.
I loved her as my own soul
and yet I knew
that I must put her away.

Our families would be disgraced, our honor marred,
Our reputation ruined, and my carpenter career barred.
It all preyed upon my mind as I drowsily remembered
How precious she was and how much I loved her.
Her loving and generous nature …
I didn't want to but I knew that
I must do it in the morning, I must endeavor…
I drifted off to sleep and that was the night
my life would be changed forever.

All the stories I had heard of angels appearing to man …
I chuckled a mite and closed my eyes, but this night,
I would not laugh, I would not doubt,
I would be happy at the sight
As the angel of the Lord appeared to me
and said to take Mary as my wife.
The angel reminded me that the Saviour
would be born of a virgin,
and Mary had been chosen.

Precious Mary, loving Mary, Dear Mary –
My heart was shamed at the fear I had felt,
but the peace in my soul was one of great magnitude.
Doubt was gone, assurance of the Lord filled the space
And my heart leapt with joy at the Honor I knew.

I ran from my bed to find Mary.
As I approached, her face shone
as a precious pearl in sunlight.
In the darkness she had a glow upon her
that I had not seen before that night.

We talked into the night for hours
about what might come
and how we could not see.
Mary was afraid and she cried
But I comforted her with words of the prophecy.

We wondered what circumstances to expect
surrounding the birth of our child
and Saviour of the Earth.
We were apprehensive,
but we both had faith
and were excited at the birth.

How strange was this feeling within me,
that this child, born
of my Dear Virgin Mary
would be my Son and yet my Saviour
could I handle this?
a paradox of emotion washed over me.

And yet both Mary and I knew
that our Heavenly Father was supreme
and He would be there every step of the way
to care for His son.

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