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Life don't always want to go place where you want to go,
Life don't always works out the way you want to,
You try to make every thing right,
You try to trust least one person in your life,
Some how the person you trust always make you cry or sad,

Every things was going good, so you thinks!
Every things was going your way, so you hope!
But some how, some where, some one always come and make your life dark
You need money to live, You need money to have respect,
You want a lover to walks with you!
You want to find some one that could love you back!
You have a good heart, just try to make other happy
You have a good heart, just try to be the one you want to be
People sit on you, walk over you!
People pull you down for there happiness
People do stupid things just to be happy
So many Why? When? How?
So many Tears, Lies, Pains,and hatefullness!
Searching for the light at end of the road,
Searching for hope at the end of my days,
Searching for answer that can helps me go along the way,
Searching and searching for the answer to my life
Searching until my eyes is all black, my heart is all apart, my tears turned to river, my mouths full of blood
Answer no found, pain have grown, trust have gone, hate have come
Love become rock, feeling become cold, me become a ghost
Nothing is matter, Nothing have dreams, Nothing is going to happen
Only the pain and tears will come
Only the people who will hurt me will be my friend
Only me is left to sufer and cry in the night
Only me can controul my life and have my head up high

Booooooooo! Some things hit me hard,
If I give up who is going to help me
If I give up who is going to love me
If I give up I am nothing but a loser
If I give up other will be happy and the winner
Why am I stupid to let other win so easy
Why am I the one to give up to the low life dog
Why should I be the one going down and down
Why should I be the one to say stop
Now my head up high
Holding my gun to kill the monsters
Trying and trying to keep going
Night and Day fight for my life
If I should die before I win
Least I know I try my best
Least I know I die with respect and love
Least I know I am not the loser and is the winner in my heart
No matter what people says, die with a trying heart!!!!!