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Ricardo, you are the one that I used to love
Ricardo, you are the one I still love

Baby, there is so many things I want to tell you
I know there is nothing you want to hear from me

Winds have blow you to me, Rains have washed you aways from me
I hold you and love you for while, kisses you and hate you for life

Thinks of the time you have say, love some one is not easy to forget
Hate some one will stay with you forever until life

Now I start to wonder, do I hate you or love you
You left me with 1000 dollor to pay for
You left me with painful memorey to remember
You left me with the memorey of our son
You left me with tears and blood
I don't know what to do with these feeling
I feel like you don't understand my pain
I need you to understand
The pain you have cause for me is forever
The lies you have told me is print a mark in my life
The feeling you have told me is forever remain

Don't you remember the time we had
Don't you remember how much I love you
Don't you remember all the things I will do for you
Don't you remember all the days have made us happy

Why would you play me for fool and let me fall from the sky
Why would you broken my heart and left me to bleed
Why we have fight and end up like this

Just listen to me little while
Thinked about all the things that we share
Thinked about all the time that we made love
My heart went soft for you again
Now I know true love don't go that easy
Now I know true love don't find every day
Even we fight and yell
Even we broke up for while
True love will still be true love
Feeling only grow strong and hurt
Knowing you have a new girlfriend
I only can cry and be mad at myself
True love was you, least you to me
True love still you, least you were in love with me
Maybe for you is different, love don't mean nothing
Maybe for you I was only a next girl
On other hand, day have passed by
My feeling only grow stronger
Love you still the same as before
Add a hate in to the feeling as while
Try to forget about you almost every day
Saw you on the street almost every weeks
I have been in love with you so bad that make me cry
I have been in love with you that I will do any thing
I am in love with you that my life seems is going to die
I am in love with you that I can't sleep in night
I am try to find the answer to our problem
Now I just know is too late
So I just want to look into your eyes
kiss you the last time, and leave
hug you the last time that will make me happy
and tell you my love just one more time I will be gone
Now I am dead, dead from your life and forever and ever
Now I am dead, dead to me and other
That's my feeling to you and true love
That's my pain you have cause me will take time to heal
That's the trues and trues about me
That is why I hate you and love you at same time

Let the wind blow you to me, now please let the rain wash you away
Forever be gone and forever until my life is die