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Siting front of my window, I cry..........
Wondering if any one cares, I cry..........
Feeing lonely and sad, Feeling like the world is about to end!
No one is here and no one is there
No one is to remember the most important day of my life

19's birthday is some thing I've looking forward for a while
19's birthday is some thing I've dream for a long time
No gift, no sing, no laugh, no cake
this is just like the other years

I have nothing to tell
I have nothing to say
I have no more tears to cry
I have no more faith in my self

It's because me or them
It's because birthday don't matter
It's because I don't have friend
Or It's because no one Cares about me

I try to find the answer and I try to forget
I try not let it killing me softly
I try to fight all these years

Now I understand, all my life will never be a cake
Now I understand, all my life I will not understand the true meaning of birthday
Now I understand, true friend is not around me
Now I truly understand, Birthday is just a an other day of my life
Full with pain and hurt, full with tears and blood