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 Tender Thoughts from Pearl Watley Mitchell  
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Trochaic Kolomyyka

Birth was witnessed last night,
happened at home before tired eyes,
when urgency emerged,
justly t'was such surprise.
Labor pains soon arose,
striving woefully deep inside,
quickly the time had come,
no way could this presence reside.
Quietly resting in its place,
this dear fetus of mine,
requesting its niche in the world
where it would so reside.
From the soft chair slowly I moved,
where I relaxed so fine,
turned and started the computer,
properly pushed the lines.
“Push, push, push, fervently,”
I thought as I struggled to find,
images that would verbalize,
this precious infant gaining life.
Text started its fast flow,
catharsis with relief I'd reap,
from living, breathing verse -
must emerge before I could sleep.

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