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The Highest Peak

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I climb onto the highest peak,
I see clouds drift below,
The glen is warmed by sunshine,
Whilst here, I stand in snow,

And I can see for miles around,
Rivers flowing to the sea,
I'm standing on a mountain,
Cold winds surrounding me,

The solitude embraces,
As I take in the scene,
And no one knows just where I am,
No one knows,
Where I have been,

Alone here on the mountain,
My thoughts begin to clear,
My life lain bare before me,
My guiding light so near,

I see my indiscretions,
My seven deadly sins,
I see my loves, my heartbreaks,
My losses and my wins,

I see all those who called me friend,
I see my enemy,
The children that I never knew,
Determined, to be free,

I see the things I should have done,
And those, I clearly shouldn't,
But if you had known my quandary,
Can you really say you wouldn't?

I see a rainbow in my sky,
Reach out my hands to touch,
I'm overcome with longing,
For one I loved so much,

I see the man emerging,
From softly swirling mist,
He smiles and stands before me,
And tenderly, we kissed,

We climbed onto the highest peak,
Gentle music filled the air,
Never thinking for a moment,
We'd find each other there.

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