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I was an anxious child
To the future I was dialed

Never to be content
What a predicament

I was too young to hear
But I felt the fear

When would I be old?
I asked so anxiously bold

A year older, wow
Still to young, holy cow!

Then I turned eight
It had been a long wait

Soon I was twelve
Like a doll on the shelve

The years seem to fly by
I graduated Junior high

Went to high school
It was fun and somewhat cool

College bound, hardly wait
Courses filled the slate

And on and on I went
My life on full sprint

Earned good money and benefits
To climb the ladder I commit

Nervous breakdown
Smile turned to a frown

Medical condition, retired
To the future I had conspired

I realized I was old
Life was hard and cold

I sighed Is That all there is?