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Poet: adamspublishingcomp

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About the Author
When I was a junior in high school, in my Honors English class, we published our own poetry albums with different forms of poetry. With the helpful guide of our teacher, I finally found a great joy in writing poetry. Ever since then, I have been releasing my own poetry albums every month and giving copies to my friends and family as Christmas presents. Three years later, a mainstream of information has spilled out with over five-hundred poems being written, published, and enjoyed.

December 2003- July 2006 Fact Sheet:

525 poems written.

33 poetry albums released.

19 poems published by poetry firms like Poetry.com,
Creative Communications, League of American Poets, Famous Poets Society, North News, and Voices Net.

International recognition from Noble House in London(2005, 2006)
International Society of Poets member(2005, 2006)
National Honor Roll (2004, 2005)
Phi Theta Kappa (2006)
Poetry albums released:

December 2003- Messages of Me
January 2004- Moonlight Shadows
August 2004- Sgt. Fritz's Hometown Club Band
September 2004- Paradise Panamanian Expedition
October 2004- The Yellow Album
November 2004- The Yellowier Album
December 2004- Blue Airplane
December 2004- Adam Fritz Number #1 Hits; Dec. 2003-Dec. 2004
January 2005- Warren Avenue
February 2005- Reality Juncture
March 2005- Adam's House -Lights Off
April 2005- Diabolical Cassettes
-Plus: The Chronicles
April 2005- Songs Of Marriage
May 2005- The Echo in the Wind
June 2005- Shotgun Graduation
July 2005- Buddy Boys Vending Machines
August 2005- Songs of College
September 2005- Impeccable Offerings
October 2005- Seven Years of Past Discoveries
November 2005- Double Reflections
December 2005- Adam Fritz Number #1 Hits; Dec. 2004-Dec. 2005
December 2005- New Day Horizon
December 2005- Only A Fritz Christmas in 2005
January 2006- Flashbacks
January 2006- Rose On The Piano; Tulips On The Organ
February 2006- Fundamentally Sound
February 2006- Live Poetry Session 2006 (Promotional Album)
March 2006- Drama Technician Reunion Show (Part 1)
April 2006- Hinges and Screws
April 2006- California Coolers (Promotional Album)
May 2006- Drama Technician Reunion Show (Part 2)
June 2006- Everything is on The Fritz
-Plus: The Chronicles III
July 2006- All In My Head

Upcoming poetry album releases:
August 2006- In The Shadow Height
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