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Poet: advice18gossup


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About the Author
wazz up?...
this is all about you your gunna be our authors so what do ya think send a poem to llmsdancer@aol.com with a poem and your name we will get it out there for ya! And get this if our site isn't updated withen 3-5 days with anything you get a free T~SHIRT oh ya you read it rig ht so just E~mail tinkerbell9293@aol.com and say the sight wasnt updated we will send ya some Q's and we will get you your free T! k check back soon!
Hey guyz...
Whats up? nuthin much here! So just to let yall` no were not just a poem section we as in Krystal and Michele give advice share gossup and for you capircorns out there when someone asks you "Whats your sign?" You dont have to answear a stinken moutain goat so check into poems click on key signs and figure out what you can tell your friends you are! Check back soon!
Alwayz and foreva,
Michele and Krystal!
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