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Poet: babyblueeyes

Please feel at ease,
To read a few of these,
Don't be afraid it's just a maze,
Reach inside and find a common thread,
Each time you read don't be ablaze,
I write to ease the feelings inside,
Submitting my life on each line,
Don't let it go to your head,
If I accidently offend,
Human I am.

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About the Author
Poems that are written by me are about things that inspire the real person in me. Life is so unreal most of the time that it's hard to find ones iner most self. I hope that my poems will inspire people to write there own poetry and also that examples of my life experiences will help people to cope with everyday moments in time.
Taking life by the horns and waking up is what has become the best thing that has ever happened to me in this period of my life. A grand gift has been given me a chance to enter into a life I only thought was a dream or a fantasy. A chance to not only enrich my life but to bring joy to another person. Without joy our lives are nothing, we are just barely alive and struggling to stay afloat. But when you find someone that trys to please you and love you as much as you try to please them and love them it can only be called true love. Anyone searching or are so miserable that there days are dark and gloomy continue on and be nothing love nothing if it pleases you but for me I have moved on. How sweet it is!!!!
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