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I love to write poems I have been writing for several years unfortunately most of my poems were destroyed a few years ago. I thought I would never write again until My Wonderful Husband encouraged me too. Since I started I have had three poems published and will continue to write. I would appreciate any feed back you have.

I am 39 have 5 children and normally I write about my life's experience's and the way I view it in my own eyes. If I haven't felt it I can't write it I have no imagination.

Currently my Spouse is serving our country and this is what I used to do with my time. I truly hope that these poems will touch your heart and your soul.

As for the last year as some of you know I took a break from my writing. However time changes all and I will write again I only need to find the inspiration once again.
I will rise above all of this but Please remember War and time changes a lot of things. Please continue to support our troops and pray for their safety their families and their dreams. Good Luck to all my fellow Poets You are in my Prayers. Also I will continue praying for Our troops and the wives that live the life that we live daily.

Yours Forever Faithfully
Brenda Bayless

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