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Poet: closetpoet09

-Hey ya'll thanks for coming to my site,
my poetry isnt as great as most of the other sites out there but hey i do my best. My names Elizabeth by the way and I'm 15 and write as much as i can about ... well, everything. One thing in particular and those who know me know what that one thing is, but im slowly but surely getting over that. Read my poems and you'll know what i mean.
and LEAVE FEEDBACK! Because i NEED to know what other people think of me and my poems. OK? Thanks Much
*Love and Prayers*
Elizabeth Caroline
About the Author
Ok well whoever wus gunna read that page, they will have already lol so yea i guess ill put sum new stuff on here...um jessica just started goin out w/ steven (FINALLY!!) theyve bn "together" 4 5 months already so its about time but i really think they love each other...but she might hav sum work ahead of her (*Brianna*)...and about me...i dont like B.R nemore that wus along time ago...ive moved on to C.N. but he also likes Chelsea so ill jus wait my turn but i hope everything ends well. My mom is really sick today so i better go check on her (She has cancer for those of u who dont kno) so i will write more when i hav tha chance. k? Adios Amigos

*ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!* Im So excited like you dont even know. But anyways... whats going on in my life right now?... well frankly guys are sucking but i found someone who seems cool:Garret Seabaugh. But one tiny itty bitty problem, he's taken. But that shouldnt be hard lol no im just jokin i like the girl but i just dont think it will be long before they break up. Jessica and Steven are still together! :D ... and so are Kristine and ..chad. Sorry Kristine if your reading this but i hafta say it somehow. I HATE CHAD!!! He told kristine not to come to my house bc he thinks we do drugs and i have guys come over which is so far from the truth. My parents are more strict then kristines! But he couldnt know that because ive never in my life had a normal conversation with the kid. And we dont like how he's changed kristine. She used to be fun but now EVERYTHING she does has to be ok with him and its not like she hasta ask him anything bc she never wants to do anything with us anymore. Me and Jessica have just gave up on asking her to do stuff bc if its not Chad, its Adrienne and Alyssa, whom i have no problem with because they are who they are but Kristine, Your NOT them. Im sorry but its true and you need to realize that. We love you for who you USED to be, the fun ditzy kristine, not the one whos always sad and takes everything to heart. We cant even joke around with you without you crying and taking it seriously.
She's changed but i still love her to death. GOSH this sucks.
But o well i guess ima go
love always
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