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Poet: crapfoot

My name is Beatrice Clyde. I right poems on my thoughts and actions.

Below is a UPDATED picture of me. Tiffany, my new girlfriend, cut my hair. Do you like it? because I sure love it.
About the Author
My name is Beatrice. I am a bi-sexual, and I have been writing poetry since 1996. I like to tell about my feelings and thoughts through poetry. My poetry is quite odd. Some people might laugh at it... but I like to share my thoughts through laughter. I want to be a comedian when I grow up. To be exact, I want to be a stand-up comedian. I would like to also be a chef once I turn 30. I would also like to become your friend. I am nice, but if you get mr. smartalec, then things get ugly.

I like to play around. I have a hammock. Please help me.. I need to graduate.

I will update this more once I get some more time!
Every time I write a poem, it is from the bottom of my oval heart. Please consider it funny.
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