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Poet: crypticbard

~ ~ ~

Will you come and journey with this author,
traversing time and space, imagination -
of things real or conjured in the mind

when the wattle blossoms dance in the wind,
the birdcalls and the dingo's howling....

in that hour of phrases catching, we shall
see the wonder of life itself unfolding

Reading and writing, pen and paper,
they have given the young Frederick
a passion from primary school years:
as soon as the alphabet was learnt;
the very moment he could weild a pen,
there began a continuing journey
wherein the destination is not placed
more highly than the moments spent,
the sojourns explored, in writing.....

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All works are original and Copyright.

Freds Kesner, Ricky Kesner, Erich Kessner, Fredrick Kesner.

Frederick Kesner

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About the Author

These are the barest of facts about me
for anything more is too much to bear

Updated Biographical Sketch as at 28 February 2006

Frederick Kesner was born on August 28 at the university hospital of St. Thomas, in the closing decades of the the 20-th century. He considers himself privileged among countless persons that have lived their lives straddling the ages, bringing human society through transitional processes from one era to another. This is a more important and valuable transition for not only have we moved from one century to another but from one millennium to another. Christened Frederick Alexander III, Freds is known as Ricky to childhood friends and family. In school he was called Erich. As a student he excelled in English, Literature, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. At one stage, Fredrick dreamed of being a physician.

"My haunt is the world - it's oceans and forests, cities, and firmament!" One of the CrypticBard's greatest passions is travelling and the great outdoors. Together with Jacqueline, his lifelong love, he aims to travel all the world and one day write of adventures and things learnt. This also helps in the pursuit of his other hobbies of reading, photography, and moving pictures.

This current project is to put together years of writing (sporadic as it may have been) and trying to make some order and sense of the author's soul. The outpouring of the heart is not the easiest thing to manage. "I can write only when not in the thick of living out my life. And I am found usually doing that!"

"But my great artistic passion has always been literary expression so craft and technique are usually waylaid by verbal outbursts. Please tred gently in my gardenn of verse."

ALSO watch out! The end products may not always please.... Or you might say... that isn't a textbook poem. Well thank you for noticing! The ones I have written true to form are in some school archive somewhere or feeding the daffodils in your backyard.

I shall be forever grateful for the precious time that you put aside to read on and to seek the meaning behind my words. Lurking in their shadowed lines you will catch a glimpse of someone familiar or even strange. Is it you? Is it me? Maybe it is us!

So put on your hiking boots and join me in this trek.... With any luck I would have travelled the same path with you on some other page through someone else's writings.

Please enjoy your stay. Linger a while and tell me how your journey went.

Thanks for visiting.

Thanks for visiting.
Please check back often for changes.

[This section is under construction.]

Self-Portraits are often coloured.

So I will speak of myself through the testimonial of others....for the most part :_)

* "WOW cryptic and dark I liked it alot!!!"

* "very heart wrenching write. very nice and effective write

* "Beautiful. Your short writes show soooo much thought and careful arrangement. You are destined for greatness if you so choose to accept it." " Oh my... I don't want to presume but when I read this, I know who I am speaking too. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words. This will become my morning prayer."

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

JUNE 2006

Check out the book on this link: http://www.lulu.com/fredskesner

05 March 2006

"I am the lonely lost sheep, and the lonely lost sheep absolutely LOVES your poems!
I am the lonely lost sheep, and the lonely lost sheep wants more backround info. on this great poet.
I am the lonely lost sheep, and by "great poet", the lonely lost sheep was referring to you.
I am the lonely lost sheep, and the lonely lost sheep really needs this info. for its literature homework. :)
I am the lonely lost sheep, and if you update your biography, maybe the lonely lost sheep won't be so lonely and lost anymore.
But it'd still be a sheep, though."

Date Received:
2006-02-18 01:44:14

To my dear lonely lost sheep (Reader),
there is no one more valuable to me than those who read my work and take something of me and my world with them into the lives that they live.

While I am happy to share my poetry and literature on the net, I sincerely wish to be informed of how my works are used.

The main reason I am updating this biography is to help out with those who have so chosen to feature my work in their literature projects in school and university. Please be kind enough to make available to me a copy of your work and more importantly feedback from your teachers and/or professors.

Frederick Kesner, poet.

To One and All

Thanks to all who not only read what i have pored over for many countless seasons but find it of value to get back to me from their heart to my guestbook!

I am thrilled at the number of people giving feedback, writing in guestbooks, and generally an increase in the interaction among the poets and readers!!!!

This is so exciting.... I can sense the budding of several friendships through this forum :_) Loving it, really!


there is a motley of additions to my poetry page (both old and new) i am at the point of losing count. Maybe I should hire a secretary, a publicist, and editor - all inhouse and perks included!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Looking me up? Freds Kesner, Ricky Kesner, Fredrick Kesner, Erich Kessner.
Yup you found me.... :_)

poetry and poems i feel
give us an opportunity
to not only express ourselves
but also discover the good within
to project the image of a hope
that is tangible and possible....
giving readers the opportunity
to grasp that and to move forward...
if deep does call unto deep, then
a connection will somehow have been made....
all from bad will have been changed...
it begins with us from the inside out :_)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

So don't be shy and speak out!

Feedback is one of the major pillars of this site :_)

Happy reading!

Ricky :_)

Please check back often for changes!
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