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Poet: dandy

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About the Author

Father of two, Grandfather of five, the oldest Granddaughter nineteen and in her sophomore  year at the University of Washington. Her brother in Junior High and chosen for the Science club to represent his school in Science and Mathematics testing at Western Washington College. My son's eldest daughter twelve during testing was selected by John Hopkins University to represent her school during the summer as a gifted student. She just returned from Hawaii studying at Pacific Hawiian University three weeks studying Oceanography.

The two youngest boys are in training in the Martial Arts. The oldest, nine, having already rated as a eighth degree black belt. The youngest seven, a is testing for Senior red belt. His instructor having him test for two belts at once. Ryan is predicted to be a black belt in less time than his brother who was one of the youngest to test and pass as a black belt.  Ryan recently broke a plywood board to the astonishment of everyone and does military style push ups with ease.

Both are active in all sports. Brent Most valuable player as a point guard in basketball and shortstop in baseball. First year rookies scored 7 touchdowns in three games. Moved to quarterback fourth game. He is known as the vacumn for his defense and was honored by the coach with the name< "Babe Ruth" Least martial arts seem to be a violent sport. Recently it was his Ryan's day  to be student of the week.I overheard two of his classmates saying, "Ryan is the nicest boy in our class." Do I sound proud? My Son is a senior partner at Lane Powell Attorney's at law. Undergraduate at Washington State University where he is on the board of directors and graduate of Georgetown Law school. He also taught law at the University of Washington. My daughter lead at Gva Kidder Mathews property management services. My Son is married to a Doctor at Overlake Hospital in Kirkland, Washington. Soon to open her own practice. Eastside Premier Medicine is now opened. Personal medical services ,Doctor Stacey Donlan.

I met my wife as students at Central Washington College. My education ended with a Bachelers degree at Highline College. I spent a decade coaching little League baseball and another coaching soccer. Two State players of a year from our state played for me and one boy who was the most valuable player for Central when the won the NAAi Small college championships. Playing soccer for me.

  My wife will retired as a Executive Secretary at Milguard window. We plan on traveling. We have been married forty five years, forty five in November. Retired three years I decided to pursue my writing by pulling old half finished manuscripts from mothballs. My poetry more emotional that serious. This week submitting first novel to an agent. My poetry can be found in the best poems and poets of 2004.2005 and 2006 Poetry.com. and several other publications. Like I say poetry is a sideline.  My dream is to be published as a Novelist. Wish me luck. My short stories can be found at storypen.com/dandy.

Poetry has been a by product of wanting to be a novelist. I was taking a college course in creative writing. I thought of poetry as being boring. The instructor stood in front of the class on first day and said, "Now I will talk about poetry. I see some of you are already sleeping. I knew one student whose reason to be in college was to play basketball had been caught. I will give you an out." I was listening, "Anyone who can send a poem to Writer's magazine poetry section and have a poem printed can get an automatic "A" for the poetry section of this class. Poetry is a three weeks part of this class." I hated poetry and in the years I am not sure which poem I first wrote and sent in. It wasn't one of the five selected. On page 32 my name was mentioned as honorable mention. When the issue came out she announced to the class that even though no one was selected I would not have to take poetry being an honorable mention selection.

How soon we become vain. I thought my poem better than at least two selected. One being a series of pretty words beginning with the letter "A". On my next assignment in jest I wrote,
Paul's,Porsche pushed passed parading peeing pigeons." The instructor answered, "You can since you are not assigned to poetry write a detective novel. There should be a protagonist, a person of interest and a Private eye. I said Paul,Payne and a Priest. I hope in the future to say my novel has been published. In the meantime I have come to appreciate poetry. My Poem, "Let no Man be Denied", has been published in four books of Poetry. In Memoriam to Staci in two. Started in Vanity poetry but was asked for permission the second time. Night of the Cross is with a Agent awaiting word and Doubleday books.
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