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H e a l i n g H a n d s

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Hi, I'm Linda Harnett. Fifty something or other, still working as a medical secretary, and I'm a Spiritual Healer. I'm also a Reiki Master. The Healing side of my life is probably the most fulfilling and keeps me grounded. It has also brought amazing people into my life who have taught me many valuable lessons, some of whom have been a wonderful inspiration to me.

I enjoy photography, when I can find the time, and LIFE. I also write poetry which I hope you'll take the time to read and enjoy. I write about life, love and friends. Some old, some new, some still around and some, sadly gone.

Those, I hold in tender memory.


~Music, "Eagle When She Flies", performed by Dolly Parton ~

"she hurts deep and when she weeps ......
she's just as fragile as a child,
she's a sparrow when she's broken,
but she's an eagle when she flies"


Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy!