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H e a l i n g H a n d s

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SONG ~ Fields of Gold, performed by Eva Cassidy.
~ In loving memory of my youngest brother ~
~ I never made promises lightly ..... ~


"there are letters of love drawn in sand with a finger,
and all in a day, washed away with the tide"

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~ RAYMOND FROGGATT, Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Poet, Writer, Icon ~


~ Disclaimer ~

A poet writes of love and pain,
Of life and tears of longing,
The words are crafted on a page,
Late of night or early morning,
A poet; sometimes writes in truth,
Sometimes, in fantasy,
And what you read is what you get,
A little bit of me,
You may well read between the lines,
And somehow, misconstrue,
So, if I say that I'm in love,
It may not be with you.

~ linda harnett ~
in truth, in love, and in light


I hope you take time to browse through my poems and you find something in the words to touch you in some small way.

My poems are written from the heart and inspired by love.

If you leave feedback, please leave your site address, so I can visit.