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Welcome to Poetrypoem.com/honey2
If you enjoy my poems you can read my BLOG PAGE...LIKE A DIARY!! The web site is www.blogbud.com/honey2
If you have checked out my blog site then you might be interested in knowing that all my poems about the guy in my blogs (my best friend) have a star(s) next to the title.This is not the guy I wanted to go to prom with (the first guy).

Click on "News" to read why I wrote each poem and other info.

Hope you enjoyed your visit!Please give comments and suggestions!

Thank You For Visiting!I don't know if I can, but I'm going to try to get songs on each page-that goes with each poem. If you can think of a song for a poem that you read on this site let me know!!

Last poem(s) was posted on July 28, 2005
About the Author
I was 16 years old when I started this site I am now 18 years old. A teacher of mine read some of my work, and well she suggested that I get published so here goes nothing. I try to just write how I feel so here is who I am! I have written poems since I was in sixth grade. I am now in tenth. Feel free to give me feedback, tell me what I should do differently.
When I started I was at a low point in my life so some of my work reflects that. One more thing when you leave a comment please let me know your web address so i can look at your work too. If you come across any untitled work and have an idea for a title suggest it. For the most part the later poems (the ones you see first) are happier than the beginning ones (the ones you see last)...
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