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Poet: inspiration04

This page was constructed by Dex, take off your shoes, wipe your feet, or whatever it takes to make you feel confortable. I could give you a breifing of my life. But its all extracted thru my writing, hope you enjoy.

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About the Author
As the title of the page display, my soul purpose is to INSPIRE everyone thats willing to recieve the inspiration. These words have been created by God, constructed by Jesus, filtered and dispursed through me. Lord is my father, Jesus is my savior, I know every word compact together from our twenty-six letter alphabet has been used atleast once before. My purpose of writing is not to create new words, or enlighten anyone on any new knowledge, only to use the old and familiar knowledge to inspire you on things that are already known and not noticed on a daily. I'm ispired to write for the love I have for writing. My kids are the love of my life, they are my greatest influence to writing. I have family support to support my writing, friends to lift me when I'm down and an Angel for thus thou loves, to intrigue adventures adhered to my writing. Then I have the Lord who gives me the strength to write. I once heard a saying " most men trouble falls from lack of spending one minute in silence." I take pride in my silent time contemplating how can I inspire someone today. All I didnt explain is expressed upon my poetry! God Bless!

I just wrote a book Titled "I'm In Love with not Loving Anyone" Visit My Book Site Please vistit my site and leave me feedback. Thanks
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