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Come come come in and sit down. Coffee is on the house!! Please feel free to read and take a look into your lives as we all reflect on our pasts and take what we can to move foward in our lives.
About the Author
Well About me....hmmmmmm...well I guess you could say that I am one of those people you will never find a double of. I try to be different than everything because when you becom the norm you can't see all that happens outside of your average everyday life. Most of my writing comes from my emotions and how I feel at times. Others I just get an ideal and go with it hoping that something comes out. I look at myself and I wonder what stories I can creat to tell my kids later on in my life and I know that unless I live my life to the fullest now I will not be able to keep people attentive. I am 21 currently living in virginia beach Virginia. I am on my out of the military and am excited about starting up my new life.
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