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Poet: loveintheverse

I decided to change my welcome page cuz it was kinda dull dontya think? well i do... Anyways read my poems they may be a bit dark they are mostly about my friends and the ups and downs of me... everything I write is from my heart and when they were written more often than not the over all feeling in the poem was how i was feeling at the time it was thought up. Im sorry if some of the poems are not your style and please do not try and give me advice about my self-harming problems or my negative out look on life cuz it will not be apreciated. I will however greatly apreciate any critisism or praise you chose to give me and sign my guestbook please :D.

visit my friends sites please...
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About the Author
Hi Im neen full name Jennine Claire Hill i was born in 1988 and live with my mum,Dad and youngest sister amy the three most important things in my life our my nice Emily-jayne my best friends sophie katy and becki and my poetry because its my release. Love and light xXneenXx
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