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Poet: loveweathereverything

Hi I am Rachel and this is my site.
I have been working on my new book and I hope to finish it soon.
I am really busy with school and home.
New poems are only every so often.
I will try to write when I have time.
I hope you enjoy what I have so far!
Rachel C.
About the Author
Hi, I am Rachel and I am Katie and together we make up K&Rsmilesandcriesforhelp, We are the best of friends and we write together, we would do it for hours if we had more time and if we didnít have to sleep and go to school. We live in Ohio and we love it so much, Rachel only live here in the summer and Katie lives here all year. But we visit each other all the time. We are inseparable! We love each other as if we were sisters but we aren't and it is sad. But we are awesome. We write anything and everything that we can think of and we hope you enjoy it. We write about love, weather, and everything else we can think of, and we are so grateful we have each other. We will never grow apart, we love each other to much. No one will ever change that!

Ok that was two years ago and I guess that if I was more loyal to that promise, then Katie would still be alive. You see Katie and I did drift apart because I moved away for good and we could visit anymore and she killed herself on January 9, 2002. I stopped writing because I was in total denial and I hated her for leaving me, and I hated and blamed myself for leaving her. Before she died she called me and she told me to keep my life straight and told me to keep my life in order and never lose it. She told me to write a book and have published, well yeah I am not very good at writing. Now I am older and am beginning to realizes that this is not my fault, slowly. I have started writing again but most of it is pretty pathetic, and I am not a good poet without her. Now I have found a new friend but I wont let her in too much like I did with Katie because I wonít loose anyone like that again. So I hope you enjoy what we have wrote together and what I wrote by myself. Thanks always
Rachel PM. C
P.S. I changed the name becuase that is what she always wanted it to be.
Kyle is dead and I have to face it. I have no choice, and now writing is harder then hell but I am managing to get it done. I have started my book and have told no one about it. I want to get it published in December of 2005 and dedicate it to Kyle. Check up on this later!

Rachel C.
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