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~ Lasting Memories of Poetry ~

Captivating hearts
is my long time dream in poetry.

I have over 4050 poems,
Here to catch your eye,
hopefully to touch your heart,
not to be passed by.

Give FeedBack, It Inspires me,
To lead the way, Through the words
I write each day.

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About the Author
 Please Enjoy

I am the Co-Owner of Dream Catcher Studios of Rutherfordton, N.C.
This is where I perform my Graphic Art Design, Band Bio’s, Band Logos, Band Press Kits, Band CD Covers, Band Websites, Type Sets, Additional Art work
and Etc. through our Studio.

I was born in a small town, Forest City a small community - in Rutherford County, N.C. I was raised as a tom boy, climbing trees, chasing pigs, raising chickens and ducks. At thirteen my family and I moved to another community in the same southern county, Oakland Community (Or some people call it, FROG LEVEL.). With switching schools year after year I couldn't keep in touch with friends and had to make new ones. At this point of my life, is when I started writing poetry. Just a few years later, I had my first poem published in 1986. I once moved out of Rutherford County at 27, but then quickly returned. My home town is my life and most of my family is here. But one of these days it would be wonderful to live in the mountains and be able to look out and see the beautiful view.I hope that you find some poems from my site, to inspire your heart.

After losing my sister from breast and lymph node cancer in 1999, my world became depressed. Then losing my dad eight months later in 2000, also changed my life significantly. With so many discomforting situations that had devastated my life within eight months, I feel as if I’m now - A totally different person. My children are the persons that kept me going. I have 3 children, from my previous marriage - Jennifer 23, Monica 21, and Johnathan 16. I have 1 son, David Lee 10 - with my current husband. I also have two step-sons - Jeremy 17 and Josh 15. My eldest daughter Jennifer has given me a very precious (Grand) Daughter and she is Grand! I call her, “Day“ and she calls me, “Nana“. Day is 3 almost 4 yrs. old ~ HOW TIME FLYS BY!!! This was another inspiring time in my life, at my (Grand) Daughters birth - I was the first person to hold this precious baby girl.

I have had over 4000 poems published within the past 25 years, through many different poetry websites. I still continue to submit poems to many sites and have achieved many poetry awards. I have also received many Certificates, as well as invitations to many conventions.

I have had poems published through; Isothermal Community College Anthology Contests. Two are as follows:

"In My Mind"
I sit and look around
There's many spider Web's
In the corners and stain
On the walls,
As I wander back in my mind
There's so many cob web’s there
And so many shadows
That distances me with everyone.

Rumbling thunder
crushes within the sky
bringing shivers down
my spine,
raining down on
the tree tops
brushing every limb,
the sky lightens brighter
then the sky its self---
with the lightening
that floods the sky
"Dance through the waters,"
I say to myself,
as the sky clears.

 In my poetry books I have dedicated part of my collections to my father, a poet himself. Who inspired me, with his opinionated collaboration on my poetry. He passed away back in 2000 and since, I've written a lot more poetry that has been inspired by his memory. 
Poetry Portal is a compilation of a wide range style of poetry. A combined collection of struggles, wisdom and growth with compelling topics that affect everyone, everywhere.
I named this collection ~ Poetry Portal for its variable sense and it may take you into the depths of your mind abstractly, touch home of your own memories reflection or into another persons life.

I have had only one poem stolen; of all of my years of writing poetry. It was stolen By: The Rutherford County NC M.M.A.D.D. - Mad Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, "His Class Ring." I had written my original poem, back in 1986. It was about - a boy driving fast and crashed his car. Although, in the process - he killed his girlfriend and eventually had to remove his Class Ring from her finger. Her Casket was carried away through the snow. It was under a very rare circumstance that I found that my poem had been stolen. While my eldest daughter was a Senior in High School, she received a changed copy of my poem, as well as every Senior in Rutherford County, NC. The M.M.A.D.D. was attempting to help prevent teenagers from drinking and driving. I would have to look up both poems to explain in detail what the difference between them, are.  The poem that I am posting is not my complete original poem "His Class Ring".
I have written down some of what I remember from my original poem - As follows:

"His Class Ring"

He stood by the doorway

where he paused to stand

As he took his class ring,

from her hand

He did not speak,

as a tiny tear

rolled down his cheek.

No one was watching

when he began to cry

As he gave her a last kiss,

a Farwell goodbye.

His heart suddenly grew cold

For her hand, he'd never more hold.

His life grew dimly not bright

For she would seek that eternal light.

It was so shocking,

the car out of control

50 feet of skid marks,

his car began to roll. 

A mere memory

skimmed his mind

a bottle of beer,

He thought would be fine.

He felt a breeze,

the wind began to blow

As they carried her casket

away in the snow.


I use to resemble Lorrie Morgan several years ago. I've been told for the past several years that I currently resemble Anna Nicole Smith - When she was slim. 

I appreciate your visit to my poetry site, as well as any comments and etc. that you may submit to my site. Please sign my quest book at your convenience. Thank you, for your time.


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