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Poet: mykalangelo

WELCOME to Mike Moon's theRealOneSolutions Site.

Warning: Please do not make the mistake of taking
every word and sentence I write literal and serious. Healthy
people are those that know how to laugh at themselves
and life's difficulties. Laughter heals. I never mean
to offend anyone and if I do, you might need to lighten
up! I think even God or whatever you call it has a sense
of humor, he made us?

About the Author

My name is Mykalangelo.This site contains poems not seen at other sites. Different sides of me, even  love poems. I try write what I like to read. Reality's good and sad side, psychological-philosophical-         political-astrophysical opinions of mine tend to find expression whenever I grab a a straight thin     object . All in all, I hope people walk away with more good in their head than they came with, if they      needed any. My motivation and the credit I give to God or what ever your name for It might be. Not that God is writing the poems. Rather that I'm not that smart that anyone would get anything close to what      they have written they got out of my efforts alone. That being said, this is not a religious site. It does        have a spiritual reference but my true motive is to help someone, adjust their thinking for the better        for  them and all the people around them, and sometimes make you laugh or even educate. Because I happen to know a little about some really obscure things and some human behavior that you                 already  know. I just kinda break it down where we can look at it. What good comes from what I do I  have to give God the credit for, because I didn't earn God's love or the life and opportunities I live and   enjoy today, trust me. You can love God, somewhat enjoy being imperfect as long as you practice good as you understand it, and not be offensively holy and unapproachable. I mean that in a good way for  everyone including the extremely proper because they DO set some examples of ideals in many        instances. Not everyone can immediately become that way, and I think God understands this. So          should they. Come in, drop your defenses, no problems are here. Awaken inside. Just as you were for brief moments as a child, even if your childhood was hard. Not only can you be yourself, or whoever you want to be for that matter, you will have a chance to examine life, and yourself, and your beliefs, and       how you treat people from a different perspective. You may laugh, you may cry, or you may think I'm   a   fool. The only thing that matters is that you try to have an open mind because you are free to leave       anytime but I bet you won't. I hope you enjoy what you read at the least. My stuff is NOT for everyone.     Please know you can be honest in your feedback. Anyway; Welcome!!! Make sure you read my News page. It's all new after nobody wanted to hear my opinionated rantings. Back to normal Mykalangelo   stuff here and let me know if you want my religious stuff. Before I go further, I have tried to group my       poetry into categories. NEW POEMS 1st I hope you enjoy, Be Sure To Scroll To Bottom of Page My    history: ***************************************************************** I've been a college student, a welder, a salesman, a manager, a cook, a factory worker, janitor, counselor in the prison system, and was        jailed myself briefly. I have been a therapist, a psychological test administrator, worked in oil and gas, painted houses, lost my home-car-house-daughter-girlfriend, was jailed and became homeless           temporarily all in one day. My daughter was fine, car repairable, house not mine anyway and connected to girlfriend, girlfriend never got back but that was God watching out for my best interest, and jail-well    they let me out because of a miracle. In December, 1980 I died in a car wreck and was brought back     after several attempts, plus by God working through me I resuscitated a completely dead little boy a few years later. I have felt physical, mental, and emotional agony to far extremes. I also have experienced a great amount of happiness and joy. I have had spiritual experiences that make God so real to me I have felt as if I could touch him. That makes for good conversation at a dinner hosted by your family with        guests they barely know. Really! Only once. My life now is a balance in which I am happy most of the     time, but no life is without it's trials. I don't carry or relive the old anger, pain, hatred, guilt, or regret much but I do have my experiences to draw upon. Our experience and memories make up who we have       been. My Basic Human Philosophy These combine with our actions in the present to make up who we are now. Our personality is the unifying agent that constantly mixes and adjusts and translates all of this together and with our thoughts expresses ourself. I believe our spirit(God) oversees and controls all of this subject to our will. These whole systems together are what make up the whole person. What we do with our will is the most important thing we need to pay attention to. Our will we can intelligently direct to some degree and the terms self willed, weak willed, strong willed have this origin.There are diseases  and mental circumstances that can make our ability to direct our will more difficult or easier at times.    The more our will is focused away from our own needs and the more toward the welfare of others, the   more effective and functional we are overall. Why tell you this? Not for you to agree necessarily, but it is the basis of my views and will help understand my writing. Note:I hope you always think for                     yourself,intelligently accept what sounds and feels right and never believe anything just because           everyone else does or the person claims to be an expert. This applies to everything in your life. You can find God without another person, building, book, or any object. Just your desire and God is all that is     needed to form the strongest personal relationship ever. Miracles will happen.                                        ******************************************************************* theloppleopplpoeoe

NEWS NEWS NEWS Here it is, Mykalangelos news, ready or not, opinions

Saving America's People
A new hope for the millions upon millions of good
people disillusioned by organized religion and the
crisis of the world today.
For those who have faith and practice or are a part of organized religion, you have my deepest respect and this is not to be in conflict with what you have that works for you. However there is a large number of people in Western Civilization for whom time has already shown us need another approach. It is time for them to be reached. This is not an article for the status quo, or for those who believe change is a bad thing and if we would stick to the way we are taught in church and the way's of our forefathers we could get back on track. This is an appeal to the higher natures of the atheists, the agnostics, the millions who believe there is or may be a God or a Creative Being or Power BUT think they must become perfect, clean, or attend church to access this Thing. I have news that may shock even those who claim to be of strong religious faith. It is a fact that you "do not need to change what you wear, your hair style, and you don't need a book, a building, a special person or translator to make an approach to God or this Power. It makes no difference what faith, what color, or what language you speak. All you need is an open heart, a willing mind, and a desire to stop doing the things you know are wrong, and practice good as you understand it on a daily basis as best you can."e; For those who wish to quote Jesus, if they will reach way back and read some more he said "all you need do is believe, your faith is enough" and he was talking to a supposed sinner when he said it. He did not say "you must believe in me, I am the only way" as many have been misled to think, only to walk away confused and empty and not helped in many instances. The power of the entire universe and more is available to all should they decide it is what they really want, none are excluded. Just ask if you don't believe. And don't let anyone tell you different. Tell as many more as you can. Spread goodness like a fire in the wind. God is like having the best best friend you can imagine, but with a whole lot of power. As confusing as the messages about God have been, can you who is human think for one second that God, who is perfect would punish you for not believing in him when the deliverance of what you thought was the only way to find God was so twisted and condemning? There are millions of people who need to know that God, or Ala, Buddha, Vishnu, Infinite Spirit, or Creator of the Heavens, or whatever you want to call it is available just by asking! All you need do to start is open your heart and ask. Stop struggling and hating and fighting each other, it is wasted energy. Stop doing the things you know are wrong, and practice Good as you understand it.

michaelsedwards June 11, 2006
I'm currently in the process of maybe hitting a new level, or taking a new direction, or adding new things and blending them with what I had to metamorphise into something completely different, yet similar and better on all levels than anything I had ever conceived was possible. Just wait.
Although many poets already know it whether they realize it or not. Seeking to find the answers to questions that may puzzle you may be found by listening to that voice deep within your heart, not by asking someone else always what the answers are. On the other hand, the ORIGINAL AUTHOR of IT ALL often speaks through other people. You must then listen to that voice deep within your own heart if you are to know which author said it. Trust not one just because they appear to have authority, rather think for yourself also. The REAL ONE SOLUTIONS have a ring to them that is unmistakable the more you hear it and learn to really listen.

NEWS-NEWS-NEWS Just in: "Everyone does the best that they can with what they have at the time" almost always even when behaving badly or doing wrong. To judge the actions of another person usually is to judge oneself(not original) because what we hate most in other people is the very same actions mirrored of ourselves. I'm just not doing it right now, said my good Friend Earl. We hate what we see others doing or how they act sometimes, because we see ourselves doing that exact behavior. It's the other side of ourselves the world gets to see! Isn't that an embarrassing thought sometimes...........

ARE YOU CRITICAL? Consider this :
By changing one word redirects positive to negative in a sentence effortlessly. What a shame we cannot change a negative person so easily. Pitiful are the empty who criticize superior beauty as if it will change their inside sour aroma from repugnance to anything desirable let alone their outside barely hides the hideous atrocities that are the source of their jealousy. What they hide is too terrible to mention so they attack
those of us who try to do good. It hurts us little and helps them none at all. Is this you?

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