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Poet: mythoughtsatmidnite

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About the Author
I write poetry to stay sane. It is an outlet and my antidrug. It is, in a sense, a therapist's chair for my mind and heart. It is great to be able to express emotion at a peak or some moment I don't want to forget, ever. It is also great to take a situation from someone else, and put yourself in the middle and write from that POV.
Some of my poems are personal experiences, and some are, honestly, moments I see in others. The ones one would think are personal, are not. People say my poems reveal a lot about me. I would say, yes and no. They are words that describe emotion at some point in time. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve in my words, but in reality I am an extremely composed and sometimes too rational a person. I cry at sunsets. I adore the moon. I love people, and I am humbled by children and life experiences. However, I also show too much strength. I try to constantly bring my emotions out. That is my own personal struggle...but one that I am aware of.
Someone once asked me after reading my poems, "Geez Liz-how many breakups have you had?" Alot of my poems are about losing love...and I will say, when my heart falls it falls hard, but it rarely falls. However, most of the poems do not describe my relationships. They just describe a loss....it sucks to repair a broken heart. However, the rewards of love, giving, sharing far exceed the damage control.I believe that when life hands you lemons, make the best damn lemonade you can. If it is my last day, I am going to go outta here happy. So, I try to live that way. At night, sometimes when it is quiet, my heart catches up and it needs to show the pain of losing. Those poems are those moments that need to get out...because without fail the sun will rise tomorrow. The more recent ones about dating...are just what they are. It sometimes just sucks to constantly put yourself out there, and live with an open heart and be strong. I always use complete respect with men. I value time so much. However, it is my sole decision to use honesty and integrity when dealing with others. Unfortunately, it may not be other people's choice.
I just graduated with my BS in Nutrition and Dietetics. I am taking a step back and trying to figure out which way next....it is funny I thought I would feel different after graduating, but I don't. The changes in myself actually happened along the way. Graduation itself was long and hot. My dinner was special....and I think that is the milestone I will remember in a lot of ways.
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