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Poet: paulette

'Language was given us, that we might say pleasant things to each other'...By Christian Bovee

Throughout life, we store information collected from experiences and try in some way make sense of it.
When we're not able to fully understand the thing's that occur in our lives, we often externalise the information. 
By doing this, we are offered a different perspective, this allowing us to think more clearly about difficult or perplexing events and emotions. 
Art is one of the ways in which i choose to externalise my inner thought's.

Within the Arts, modes of expression differ, but poetry is a very powerful tool by which i can share sometimes confusing, sometimes perfectly clear concepts and feelings with who ever wishes to read my poetry. 
Intentions can run the gamut as well, as i share something that has touched my life in some way. 
Some of my poetry will speak to certain readers more than others. 
But nether the less, i hope you enjoy reading my work

About the Author
Female Imagination .  http://femaleimagination.wordpress.com/



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