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Poet: pearlmitch

Feeling Famished ...
One eye pops open close to midnight
Hunger hits my senses
Suddenly, overpoweringly ...
I surrender with resignation
Reluctantly roll from my bed
With that one eye open
Choose a reference book
To feed my craving for knowledge.
About the Author

Here I stand, as a weed
among budding plants, forging a need.

Emitting oxygen for humankind
no greener plant you'll ever find.

No flowery scent, not one of the elite
but standing tall with firmly planted feet.

And occasionally, a flower will bloom
and stand with pride as it bids for room.

Yes, even though the bud is from a weed
the flower is still beautiful indeed.

Pearl Mitchell is a teacher who has taught every grade from 1-12, business college and adult education: English, Math, Social Studies, and Bible. She has alphabet letters and numbers flowing in her platelets. She has been a poetry lover all her life and Teaching Is Her Life!

"If you are ashamed to confess me before men, I will be ashamed to confess you before my Father which is in Heaven." (Matthew)

God didnít give me a song,
no rhythm do I create
but he gave me a poem inside
which flows continually great.
as a fresh, swelling river
to bathe my inner soul
and welcome a Loving Spirit
which warms me from the cold.


How life doth reverse itself!
For the body that changes diapers
soon becomes the recipient
and the hand that does feed
is soon to be fed
and initial love is recycled
even unto the end
and the teacher of understanding
soon becomes the confused
and the hand that rocks the cradle
eventually will need to be rocked
for he who survives alone
is nonexistent under God's plan
in God's world.
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