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Poet: poet7925


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About the Author
I do not regard myself as a poet at all. I simply like to express my reality, and imagination, in plain simple words. As a Special Education teacher, I spend most of my days, simplifying life for my class. I live in Sydney, Australia and I am very happy.

Would you
Like to share
My tiny
Slice of life?
Would you
Like to take
A very
Careful bite?

Hope you
Find it tasty,
Hope you
Find it sweet,
As you very
Oh so slowly,

Joy Weare.

I'm the baby
In the picture,
Taken long ago,
And would you
Believe it,
Since then
I've sort
Of grown.
But deep down
Inside of me
I am still
A child.
Full of sweetest
Without a taint
Of guile!

Joy Weare

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