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Poet: poeticnique


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About the Author
And Finally to end this tour it's a little about the owner of this fine page..give it up as she comes out

~!~Walks Out On Stage~!~

Thank you, Thank you, and Hello everyone!! I hope you have enjoyed ur ride. My name is JaNique...Nique for short and I am known to be very respectful and loves to have fun! Let me tell you alittle about myself. I didn't choose to write, writing chose me, because I was just 13 yrs young at the time, life was upsetting and I was searching for a way out. I had my dreams of becoming a famous singer and it was all planned out for me. I started writing songs and I did good at it. So I started losing family members and I wanted to die, but God gave me another way out. I started writing poetry to express my life and how I felt. Many people misjudge me, because of some of my writings, but I can't help that. I'm not perfect and neither are any of you. For the most part, I hope you have/will enjoy my writings...!*PoeticNique*!
Ok Now welcome to the second part of the tour..It is like reading a newspaper but much better..it is news about life!

~*~R.I.P. April Love

It has actually been over a year since I have logged onto my sight! I have still been writting poetry, but I now have more business to take care of! I am proud to say that I have re-enrolled into college and I am almost done. I am now 21 and I am staying strong! To those that are younger than me, hold your head up and set goals and live your dreams and don't dream as much as I did and make a mess of your life.

Poetic Nique
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