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Poet: poetry10035

My life was a sad and lonely one. I thought all was lost until the day i created this website. I met an angel who was moved by my words. Now i'm proud to have her as my Wife. No matter what this life throws at us, i know we will be together soon. I Love You Emmy. Thank for all the happy days you have brought into my life and all the ones that will follow as we start a future of love and happiness together. You truly are my angel and i'll love you always and forever.
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About the Author
My name is Lee and i'm 30 years old. I live on the edge of London in England. For the last few years i have been writing poetry about my feelings. Some of them to do with my life, some to do with my friends and some to do with events that have happened in the world. I first discovered my talent of poetry after having a run of bad luck. In Febuary 2001 my grandpa passed away and in Febuary 2002 i lost my grandmother. Since then the only way to release my feelings was to write them down in the form of my poems. After having created this website and placed my poems on here, an angel sent me some feedback on my poetry. Now over a year later i've found someone i love very much, who has inspired me to write many of my latest poems and who is now my wife. Just like she has supported me in my writing i've supported her too. In fact i've been thinking about her while i've written these poems. I Love You Emmy. My Wife, My Angel, My Love, My Life, My Inspiration, My All. I'd now like to share these poems with you.
It gives me great pleasure to announce that my wife Emma is having her first novel published. It is due to be on sale in April 2005. I can't begin to tell you how proud i am of Emma. Her book is called An Angel With One Wing. Keep an eye out for it and buy a copy. It is well worth reading. You can check out www.publishamerica.com when the book is due to be released. Until then, you can read my wife's poems at www.poetrypoem.com/whisperingpoet
I am so proud of you Emmy. I just know your book will sell well :)
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