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Poet: poetry1238

Welcome everyone, please bookmark the page if you enjoy my poems. I hope you do. Thank you for looking.

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Well everyone I am back, so happy to be here. Still not keeping as well as I would like, but have printed off all responses and will be getting back to you all soon. Thank so much for your patience.

I have had several poems published since we last spoke, and more to come. So I am getting there.

About the Author
My name is Penniluck McGinnis, I have been writing for years. I just can`t help myself. I have raised my family and am 56 years old.Some of my poems are recent, some go back a long way, and most are written from life.
Thank you for visiting.

I just want to add what a wonderful lot of people we have in this site. Thank you all so much.
There are now many poems on my site, so many I`ve lost count, but they still keep coming from somewhere. I know from feed back that some people are enjoying them, and thank you all, please don`t stop. I could spend the whole week on this site reading everyones work, its great.
Lots of poems published now, worldwide, but still love this site. Will contact you all soon.

Have been away for some time due to illness, still not quite there, but getting there. I want to thank everyone who has sent me feedback and want you all to know I really do appreciate it.
I would like `Waylander` to send me a link to his/her site as i tried to find you and can`t. thank you so much for your remarks on my work.
Sometimes it is difficult to get back to everyone, but i do believe we have many really talented poets on this site and read as many as i can.
Take care
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