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Poet: poetry1799

A poets hand
Always conveying vividly
Truths to share
Never sleeping, the heart-filled pen
Placing words, coloring them
And the songs in the heart
Always singing
The secrets, always whispering
The hope torn apart
But always wishing
The longings
Oh - the longings!
And the bitter despair
The drip of salt tears
Conveying all to the world
To the loved ones
Always fighting the fear
Always writing to the far and the near
A poem
A rhyme
Words that inspire
A feeling released from inside
A love that will never expire

This is my site

About the Author
I am a twenty year old girl from Norway.
I have always, since I learned to write - loved to write poetry.
I love the written word. Itīs magic to conjure a sentiment into a word, if youīre able to.
After experience, Iīve learned that poetry is a tricky art.
But itīs not really about thinking, itīs about feeling. Without having a special feeling you want to convey, you canīt write something. So that is the tricky part.
Donīt try to write when your empty of words, that means when you're neutral in emotion.
Oki, enough rubbish;-)
No news.
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