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About the Author
I am a published author with 12 books published
My next book signing will be held in Barnes and Nobles
New Jersey , USA and is call
Treasure of Poetry
I am also a retired inter-faith minister and hypnotherapist,
I hope you enjoyed my humble poems
which are writen from the heart
thanks for viewing my poems at this site
Love and Light
Happy Halloween!!
On 12/05 I have a signing at Barnes and Nobles at Edgewater , New Jersey, for the signing of my new book
Treasure of Poetry
The Publication of "Elite Prose""Poetry For All Seasons" "Roses and thorns", short story book 12/8/04 A collection of most net view poems Called, Poetry Jewel, a cook book called Heavenly Delight, Spiritual book called Golden Chest, a children and adult poetry book called Love and Light Poems, and Marias Verses I and II
On august 6 2004
I had a book signing at Barnes and Nobles New Jersey at 7 30 pm It was a lovely turn out of friends and family that made the evening must pleasant,Poetry was read from my book Wings by Alexia Cordato, Ines and Malin Falu, famous jounalist in the Spanish Speaking World in the City of New York. also had appear in radio program and newspaper in the tri state area USA.
Thanks to all that went there.

Thanks for reading my poems that could be found at this site.

Rev. Maria De La Gandara D.Div

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