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Poet: poetryandkisses


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About the Author
First a little about me.... Well I was married, and at first it was lovely....but then daily stress. I guess well to make along story short, I was abused, mentally at first then it started getting physical I tried and tried to be good and not cause him any stress, but I couldn't do anything right Sooo...... I decided to withdraw from that relationship.... we were married and lived happy everafter.....what happened? I was very insecure, I never had credit in my name, so when I took the kids and moved out. went home to mom and dad....they wanted me to try to make it work... Broke and completely screwed up, I got a job in an office and all though it wasn't alot of money it was a beginning I had lived with friends, while struggeling to get my head back and stay alive I met alot of helpful women over time, I met a special wonderful woman named Peggy, Yes we are still together...she is now my life partner, we have commited to each other, now both of us are moms to the boys...And life is great, and we laugh, giggle and love everyday. So if you are in a 1 way relationship, it's your turn to take hold and shake it and if you get it smoothed out cool. If not you know what to do...don't live another day in hell.....Jaqi smiling....I hope someone does what is necessary in your battered life because of my words.
Just posted 700 poems in alphabetical order

i have posted all previously written in the first 700
so starting Oct 2005 all will be fresh....

Please check back often for changes.
One thing though....If you give me feedback please tell me who you are...
I hope ypu know i appreciate you reading my work..
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