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About the Author
MY NaMe iS BRooKe aND i aM 19 YeaRS oLD...i LoVe 2 WRiTe aNYTHiNG FRoM PoeMS 2 SToRieS...i FeeL iT iS a WaY oF eXPReSSiNG MY iNNeR MoST FeeLiNGS THaT i CaN NoT SHaRe WiTH aNYoNe eLSe...i HoPe You eNJoY ReaDiNG THeM aS MuCH aS i Do WRiTiNG THeM!
HeY eVeRYoNe!!! i JuST aDDeD SoMe NeW PoeMS To MY SiTe...I HoPe u eNJoY THeM!!!
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