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Poet: religious

Welcome friends and family,
May the Lord bless and keep you .
May his countenance be a smile upon your face.
May the wind be his kiss upon your face.
May nature bow at your feet as a blessing.
May the sky hold over your head an umbrella of love.
May your rainy days be blessed with flowers to share
With a friend.
May your valleys be filled with wisdom,
learning to hear the voice of GOD in the winds.
May his eyes be forever upon you ,
always knowing your heart.

Please grade my work and e-mail me at lrcamp@bellsouth.net
I love to hear from people who read my poetry
for it is truly the word of God from within me.
Louvenia Rose Campbell
I can also have my poems ,
put on t-shirts for you at a cost of $15.00
send money orders to PO. box 192 McCarr, Ky. 41544
give me 2 -4 wks. for delivery.
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About the Author
I am a coalminers daughter, born in the heart of a billion dollar coalfield in Eastern KY.I was born in Matewan WV. right on the border of Pike county Ky.Along the river the old Tug, where the Hatfield and McCoy fude took place.My father was Tilden Smith ,Mother Christine (Thompson) Smith and I have 5 siblings who I dearly love, 2 brothers James Harrison, and Tilden Jr, 3 lovely sisters Janet Gail, Linda lou, and Kathy sue. I was Married at the young age of 17 ,to Mr. Calvin Lee Campbell who spent the first yr of our marriage in the US army, in Vietnam. We have 3 wonderful children , James Calvin, Kimberly Rose, and Crystal Dawn.We are still together after 35 wonderful years.We to have 7 grand-children at the present. I reside in McCarr,KY. and have lived here all of my life.I have been a Christian since I was 17 years old .Now I am much older I still love being a Christian. It never gets old, there is always something new in Christ. With in my poetry pages you will see why I call it (The Voice From Within). I feel my poetry is Christ in me .Being a grandmother,I have mainly writing my book mainly for them.I have had many of my poems published by "The International library of poetry.I have had one of my poems put to music by Tumba records I am # 6 on the CD "Hands across America" The name of my song is "The bride awaits".They picked 20 poets over America and I was picked to represent the state of Ky. I would like to thank God and tumba records for that.If any one would like to contact me concerning my poetry you can e-mail me at lrcamp@bellsouth.net. You can also read alot of my poems at www.poetry.com and ask for the poet by name "Louvenia Campbell.call at 606-427-7621 Also any of my poems can be put on t- shirts for a price of 15.00 plus shipping and handling.
This is early September 2003,I decided to visit our mountain home in Louisa , KY. we have 3 lots. I feel so at piece when I go there. Seems my love for life,God and all nature is renewed. I feed the deer, turkeys, foxes, birds and squirrels. My desire is to someday live there. The sunset is so beautiful behind the trees on the mountains.
The crickets and sounds of the frogs are so much company as evening begins her beauty.
One morning I took a ride on our 4 - wheeler down the mountain roads covered with gravel.On my face the breeze felt like angel wings brushing my hair from my face as the kiss of the wind sweep over my face .I could not help but say good morning to life.We only have a camper but pray one day we will have a small cabin.When I am there, I love to write .I guess as humans we all must dream .The man we bought our property from , died of a massive heart attach. He to had a dream. He loved the mountain and loved to sing and play the guitar.The mountain is a little lonesome now.I wrote a poem in honor of him, the name of it is " Have I came so far for my dreams to end.Seems some can have so much but yet some so little.I am so thankful for all God has blessed me with.
The night is early and the mountain is so peaceful and calm,no phones ringing, no door bells, no bickering with the children or neighbors.I love to enjoy the wonders that the mountains have to offer, I would love to stay.I see God in the raising of the sun.The weeds are blooming for there seed next year along with the flowers.The smoke from my campfire smells so good with our dinner cooking.The butterflies are beautiful. We catch rain water for our baths and pop popcorn at night to eat while we listen to the owls and the whippoorwills .Sometimes I just sing openly to the wind in praise of all nature.My heart stays in praise of Gods creation for his people to enjoy.I see his face in the light of the day. His tears as dew on the peddles of the flowers.The trees are now undressing for the fall as sap lowers the trees will stand in the nude until spring. Life is good and bad,sunshine and rain,strength and weakness,rich and poor, pain and sickness,all makes the world go round ,as the seasons circle again and again.I think we all have come so short of the work of our God.I hope you can learn of me through the pages of my poetry.WELCOME!
Please go to www.poetry .com for many ,many more of my poems that have been published in books across the USA and Great Britain. just ask for the poet Louvenia Campbell.
I would like to share with all my friends and family what the lord spoke to me concerning his people.
He said -Quote.
I the lord god of Israel have heard the cries of your heart
and have enjoyed the company spent with you as a Father and child together.My heart is pleased in addressing you as my own.I love you for your heart is beginning like mine.Your fleshly Tabernacle is becoming a sweet place for me to live.I have seen much through your yes.I have heard plenty through your ears.I am beginning to feeling tenderness through your heart for others. You are my child and never will I see you do without.I have watched the turmoil of your breaking heart, over your children. In times past you too have broken my hearts desires.Being under a rod of correction is hard, but one must reap what they have sown.Behold your own face in a mirror when you look at your children for some where in it is you.One cannot bring forth seed of their own and never see ones own self from time to time.If you birth my spirit in you then,they too will become like me.What is yours is mine , what is mine is yours.Your tears are that of a pure heart,I except your weaknesses and my heart hurts when you cry of a broken spirit,just as a real father craves to grant his own child's needs ,I to crave to meet your every need.I have called you to heal the broken hearted and to heal the wounded and cast out the philistine spirits, with Love.Love is a key that unlocks every mans heart.Love will over come and break the strength of hate.Compassion moves the heart of a father. to hear and understand.It unlocks wisdom to bring forth kindness.How can one wade the waters of healing, lest he has first been sick.How can one bind a broken heart if he has never been broken.how can one forgive unless he has been tempted?blessed is the pure in heart for his sins are forgiven.Blessed is the fleshly tabernacle that hold the God of Israel.I come unto them when they cry.with a pure heart as i did long ago when David cried and rejoiced in me,he then was the apple of my eye. now he is gone ,worms ate his flesh . Now you are the apple of my eye.Now a new body holds that same love ,for my love never ends but is the same yesterday ,today and forever.My love never changes .I love with an everlasting love. none of my children have I aborted but have keep them all. I am a father to the fatherless,faith ,kind and true.They shall never beg bread nor go hungry.I am a God of my word.I to am a God of thy word,when I am pleased in my dwelling place. - Inspired by the holy ghost in me ,on Nov. 16 ,2003 Let God Be God In you, a dwelling place to be pleased.
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