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Poet: retaliation


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SPECIAL THANKS goes out to everybody who has been to my site to leave feedback. Your encouragement has inspired me to keep writing. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it since school pretty much convinced me I didn't have it in me. Maybe I hadn't lived enough life back then to have anything to say. The way things keep bubbling out of me lately, I guess now I do. Sometimes it even freaks me out the way the words are just 'there' in my head. Why couldn't that have happened when I was getting C's in composition???

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About the Author
Until recently, I had never written poetry. For that matter, I had never written much of anything since I am a more 'hands on' type person -- comfortable taking things apart, but certainly not putting pen to paper. Once I got started, however, I find writing poetry is very liberating. It's a way to reach inside yourself and get to the heart of what's bugging you so I think now that I've started, I probably am hooked!

I am trying to write at least one poem a day. I've been told I'll get better the more I practice and develop my skill. So far I haven't tackled very many poetry 'forms' because I am still working on establishing my voice. I would like to try my hand at some different forms soon, however, just to see if I can do it.

If not for all the positive feedback and encouragement I have gotten here at PoetryPoem, I'm not sure I would continue writing. It has been a big surprise to me that I can do it and that people actually like what I have to say.
Hey everyone. This was a joint effort by my friend, my mother, and me. This was a blast to write and would hope that you enjoy reading it also. To check out the whole story please visit me at www.storypen.com/retaliation
Also, if you read the story/poem please leave feedback.
Thank you and Enjoy!!!

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