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Poet: rvnmchllgrffn

"Whenever you are in love all of your saved up wishes come true"
About the Author
Some how you have found my page well here is some new things to know about me.
My name is Raven Griffin.
I am 18 years old.
I live in Franklinton, Louisiana.
I am not one of those so called popular peoples.
I like to party and play the guitar.
I just play my acoustic.
I also sing for my band, and sometimes my brother lets me sing with his.
I mostly listen to hard rock.
Some times softand 70's.
I love Slipknot Led Zepplin Black Sabbath GodSmack Staind Evanessence Korn Disturbed Tool Greenday 10 Years and now I am getting into underground and garage bands.
People see me as depressed but i am far from it.
I am getting married yay!
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