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About the Author
Well, I guess you could say it all started with a little gum wrapper. I was standing at my locker and got hit in the back of the head by one. Throughout the week leading up to that day I had noticed Scott more, but never in my dreams could I have predicted this. Somehow I guessed he was the one who threw it right away. However, I was certain when I saw him flash his smile at me from across the hall. That night when I got on the computer I had planned on figuring out what his login name was, but he beat me to it. We started talking and I soon saw a different side to him, a side I didn't want to let go of. That led us to our first date, which in my eyes was perfect. We quickly developed a very close relationship...

Six months later we broke up. I guess you could say I was scared and unsure about the future. The idea of being apart at college scared me and I felt like I should be open to new things. I wanted to see where God was going to lead me. But things weren't as easy as I had predicted. I knew somthing was wrong when every single night that I sat down to pray... I prayed about Scott before anything else. I tried to date other guys, but none could compare. Deep down somthing was missing. I wasn't sure if it could work out again or not, but I became willing to take the chance.
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