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Hi. My name is John Missett. I have been writing Poetry for a long time. I was crowned Poet in Athens on September 17th 1999. I have been published in Italy, Greece and China as well as America and England. I would like to exchange poetry with people who will attempt to get mine published as I will theirs. With the proviso of course that we deem each the others work worthy of such an honour?I belong to D.E.E.L. The International Greek Writers of Athens. Our President is Mrs Chrissoulla Varveri Varra. (Poet, Writer, Journalist.) 9 Chlois Neo Iraklion 14122 ATHENS Greece.
My e mail address is ashanti@merseymail.com
*****Hello everyone and welcome to SITEWUXI REVIEW.*****

Today we are honoured to review the book of poetry. "Bud's and Blossoms of the earth," written by the Great International and Chinese Poet Wang Shunbin of Chongqing, P.R.China
He is a native of Chongqing and we are sure that they are very proud of him there.
He has been a poet and author since his earliest youth.
He is also a leading light in the massive Chinese organizations of art and literature. His other books "The Way Of Living","To Stroll Along With The Sea." To name but two of his many offerings to World Literature.
They have been well reviewed and are still extant.
His latest book. Buds and Blossoms of The Earth, translated into very good English by Zhang Zhizhong by Earth Culture Press is a joy to read.
Mr Wang Shunbin has had a variety of useful careers. Policeman, Soldier, Businessman Poet. He seems a one man vanguard for the emerging new China.

1. His wonderful8l first poem "Poetry Leader," is The Insect World.
politicized. Ants and Butterflies double as World leaders.
2."To a friend," is not quite a psalm but reads as well as one.
He cleverly uses The Sun and The Moon..."To the right and left of agony and happiness." To elucidate his points.
3."An insipid afternoon." No one can relax and contemplate like this man.
4."Witness." The objects and circumstances he mentions become his souls witnesses.
5."Sword Bean." Nature well observed and even better distilled into good verses and lines.
6."How many ideas overwintering in the stone?" Who could argue with this which could be sculptures epitaph?
7. "Open The Night Windward." A mystical melange of symbols and music.
8. "How White Is The Winter?" In the depths of a cold winter the poet falls into a deep reverie filled with images of female figures from his own culture..
9."Each Time Funeral Music Is Heard." The Poet is touched by the thought of Death and its attendant moods. Very Good.
10. "Bending Over." A good four line poem. Who but a poet would note the passing of ants?
11."The Little Basin Of Spring." Love equated to a twig of Apricot blossoms.
12. "The Snake."The snake, well observed, the poet doesn't take his eyes off it for a second.
13. "I Will Go To Chengdu Tonight." A good love poem. Love and Poetry heading for Chengdu tonight.
14."Reading a Poetry Collection In Summer."The Poet reminisces among the cicadas trees and forests. A lovely poem indeed.
15. "The Chirping Insects Under Wisteria."The Poet revisits his youth via his memory's eye revisiting in his memory his "lank girl."
16."I Have Remembered The Expression In The Eyes Of A Fish"
The water's part and a very vocal fish emerges. Surely this is the very stuff of legend?
17. Take your hands away. This is about a quarrel between a person and The Sun. Well crafted, works well.
18."Drinking Beer At Night On Beibin Road." The dangerous poets world of words and alcohol well described. Worthy of the great French Poet Villon.
19."I Have Four Friends." A Maniple of five poets well described by a thumb on the handful of them.
20."The Rain Is Moving." The well described rain cleanses everywhere and everyone. Bravo..
21. "Feeling On Rainy Days." The Wetness of everything described enters the mind of all who read this.
22. The Peasant Labourer." Comradely concern, well expressed,for a fallen Peasant labourer.
23. "In The Mountain." The Mountainside observed and beautifully described."
24. "Standing At The Seaside." The Poet invites us out into the delicious seaside night.
25."The Field In Darkness." The Poet describes a horrible night crowded with wolves, birds and spirits. Spooky.
26. "In Memory of The Silvery Beach." The Beach is remembered in all of its purity and brightness. Lovely poem.
27."February." The coldness's and warmth's of February well remembered and even better described.
28."Inter Provincial Flowery Fragrance." Lines such as "solitary like a flower enjoying leopard will last forever. Lovely.
29."Choice." Night described in all her ambience's and shadows of moods.
30. "Consolation." This Poem is a consolation in its own write.
31. "The Virgin Page well described.
32"Long Distance Runner Of Ancient Greece." Wang Shunbin Modern Greece is going to love this poem.
33."Dream. Could we but dream so at our mothers knees eternally?
34. "Old Groundwork." Old groundwork's rediscovered. The old remember what once was.
35."A Flower." Only a truly great poet can immortalize a single flower.
36. Staying up. I like this I too will become The Dawn.
37. "Waking Up Against The Window." The Poet and the translator show off their command of English. "Chock a block with flowers." "Hither and thither." I am impressed.
38. "The Woman Selling Fruit." Not even a woman selling her fruit escapes The Poets notice. A poem is born.
39."Watching Fish At Brookside." We stand, looking over the poets shoulder, watching fish
40."The Ink Under The Lamps." Ink takes on an ethereal quality under thee lamps light.
41."The Car Repairer In Spring." A car worker and the cars owner observed and metamorphosed via poetry into poetry.
42."The Frog Jumping Between Two Provinces." A frog jumps from Hubei to Hunan and then back. "Superfrog."
43. "Mothers Gray Hair." Poignantly Touching.
44."Heavenly Tibet." A Chinese Poet loves and admires Tibet.We can learn much from the poet and Tibet.
45. "Sitting In The Mountain." The Poet grows and blends into the greenery of the mountain.
46."The Sudden Cloud's." "Like the ashes of love." lovely terminology.
47."Traveling." A description of a poets activities. Simplicity itself.
48. This Morning." The wide awake poet watches the world wake up.
49. "A Vermilion Afternoon." Clever Poem with a rare reference to the poetry of the late Chairman Mao Dse Tung.
50. "Appreciation."Hands and their usage and gestures described quite beautifully.
51. "Mothers Needle." Mother and her needle become as one, like a symphony.
52."Mountain People Like Sparrows." mountain People compared to the sparrows. Seeking happiness beyond Heaven.
53.Group Poem..."A City is quivering secretly." The City Of Chongqing tenderly described.
54."Everything is open."Spring well described as the great unlocker of flowers, fruit and young girls.
55. "Let Snowy Night Melt." This is a poem about Butterflies and Bee's and Purple Mornings and the reminder that God Himself serves us out of love.
This is the best poem in the whole book.
56."When I Open My Mobile Phone In The Morning?" The mundane lauded applauded and made into poetry.
57."Memory Of Hechuan." A love poem filled with Chinese imagery.
58."I Dare Say For Certain."Poetry distilled from rainwater and butterflies
and notes from musical instruments. Poetry conquers all.

Yes this is a truly worthy book of poetry and reflects the high standards set by the W.P.Q. and Professor Zhang Zhi.It should be a comfort to Chinese ex-pats world wide and the curious occidentals.
I wish the author every success for the future.
John Missett. International Poet.

Sitewuxi would also like to thank professor Zhang Zhi for his International Review of The Dashing Choi Lai Sheung's poetry and prose.
Here I would express my disappointment at not being included in it as I did contribute to this when asked by professor Zhang Zhi. Perhaps it is being kept for some future publication. I hope so?
Everyone is enraptured by the poetry of this Hong Kong Martial Artist and International Poet. Choi Lai's poetry just gets better. My favourite so far is her "The Remote Mountain." Please consider me another admirer of this beautiful and talented young woman.

John Francis Missett. International Poet.
Sitewuxi would like to congadulate Hsu Chi Cheng on becoming a grandfather.
Polu Xponia O Filos mou. (May you enjoy many years of health old friend.)
I love those charming poems from an obviously proud grandfather too.
"Your daughters daughter is truly blessed with such a grandfather."
Congratulations also must go to Our Beloved President Chrissoulla Varveri Varra for getting her lovely poem "Consignment." I have loved it since 1999 when she gave me a copy of it in Thissio in Modern Greek. How far we have all come together. Bravo My Sister Chrissoulla Polu Xponia.
The great Australian and Greek Lady of Letters Georgia Xenophou, Mother to The Great Australian Politician Nick Xenophou, she too scores with her poem "Hong Kong." Why has she hidden this poem from us for so long? Well Done Kuria Xenophou. Nice one Cobba.
Congratulations too to all my international friends for being honoured with publication by The W.P.Q.
Kurt F. Svateck for Lebenslauf and two other poems.
Aristotelis Fragos of Greece for "All The Apples."
Giola Epitrapaki also of Greece for Crystalline Distilations.
The Lovely Rosemary Wilkinson U.S.A. For her 25 World Congress of Poets.
Madame Katie Ladopoulou Desplat France for her poem Amitie.
Doctor Teresinka Pereira. Brazil. For Elaine and et cetera.
Loukia Tzannides of Greece for Apophththegmatic and his other poems.
Yiannis Ioanidis of Greece for his poem Cultural Olympiad.
Special congratulations to Jose Roberto Sechi of Brazil. Editor of The great magazine "Pense Aqui."Bravo Jose on getting Epidermic Reading published in The W.P.Q.
Bravo too to George Xenelis for his poem "You were angered my little wave."
Congratulations too to Eufrosini Kakogiannaki-Livaniou of Greece for When ..you'll come?

Once again SITEWUXI thanks The W.P.Q. Also Professor Zhang Zhi who makes it all so wonderful.

Thank You all and God Bless for now.

John Francis Missett. International Poet at SITEWUXI.

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