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Poet: slampoet


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About the Author
My name is Mica, but call me BeaKay. I'm a poet, hailing from the great city of Austin Texas. I started writing poetry at the tender age of 12, but I was very shy and scared to share my poetry. And it continued to be that way until I reached 17 years old when I was introduced to Slam Poetry. And I competed in my first ever slam and it was for a spot on the Austin Youth slam team 2003 set to compete in chicago, I almost made the team, but wasn't quite ready. My senior year in highschool, I finally made the team where we competed in Los Angeles and finished 5th in the nation. Quite a accomplishment. Ever since that first night when I got bit by the slam bug, my writing has been getting better and better. I'm still writing and competing. And attending Angelo State University, majoring in Drama. I'm currently working on a chapbook, so be on the look out.
**News Brief**
Fixing to go back to school. I'm going to continue to try and get a slam going.

Birthday is coming up. September 6, will be turning twenty

*Chapbook* I'm in the beginnings of it, hold on!!

Much <3 *~*BeaKay*~*
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