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Poet: sunrises

Welcome to the sunrise! This site was once called the lair of DARKWOLF..! Well the darkwolf still lives here fear not...! But I felt a change was in order to refect a change in my own mood...! You'll still find all your old favorate poems and with more to come as I have time....! Please take the time and sign the guest book as I am always curious as to were people are reading my poetry. And should you find that you do not like my site please feel free to leave any coments you wish. All are read and given there proper do. Hey click the link below if you wish to check out my first and hopely not my last published work..! Thank you A.C. Barton (poet)

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About the Author
I have been writin' poetry for almost 13 years now and still find it amzin' how many poems I have left in me.....! I have over 77 notebooks filled with these works which number over 3600....! I hope this site lets you get to know me better...! Enjoy...!
Please check back often for new poems. Leave a website or address. I love answerin' feedback. Keeps me in touch with you. My fans. Thank you
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