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Poet: thisismypoetry

Hello and welcome to my site. Feel free to read some of my song lyrics, short stories, and of course Poems.

You can start reading my writings by clicking "POETRY" located to the left.

You can also read with what's going on with me, either with staying up-to-date with the site my life's "journey" by clicking on the "NEWS".

And if you'd like to, you can also learn more about myself by clicking on the "ABOUT THE AUTHOR".

Thank You for visiting! Please come again!

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One mike, one breath ,one chance - scream.
About the Author
It's pretty hard to imagine a life without being able to express the way I feel. I can't even begin to say how many emotions I've been through, how many feelings I've felt through the years gone by. Sure, I'm only nineteen years old, but I guess you can say you'd be surprised.
I don't have much of an amusing life, to tell you the truth, it's really quite dull and boring...with a side dish or ordinary, if there really is such a meaning. If you were to come across my life as a novel in a library I'm sure you'd most likely judge it by the cover and put it back down, but then again, I'm still young, my novel is more like a novella, or better yet, a short story. These are my words written in favor of my true being - a memoir if you will.
I'm not much of a talker, unless I know you really well and can trust you. Otherwise, my best reliable friends are a pen and a piece of paper.
The writings you come across on this site aren't all of my writings that I've written during my years of writing. I have many more...many complain as to why I don't update my site very much and the reason for this is, it's not so much of the writing that holds me back, I NEED to write. I write many poems each and every day, the only problem that I have is what poem(s) do I feel comfortable sharing with...in a sense, the world.
I thank you all for finding my site and I really do hope you stay around and read some of my works, such as short stories, song lyrics, a writing scene or two, and of course poems. The Feedback I've received have always been helpful to me, I don't "change" my writing style, and to tell you the truth, I never really knew that I had a writing style all of my own until I've received Feedback's and Guestbook Signings from all of you. Thank you all. Take care and enjoy. Later

My AIM screen name is: GBPoet719
Anyone who has a MySpace blogger my URL is...
I'll add you as a friend! :0)

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Hello and welcome to the news page. This portion of the site you will be able to know about how everything is going on around me (almost like a journal/blogger). For example, my life revolving and writing; new poems added to site, and publishing.

DATE: September 3: Wow - it's been way too long everyone, I know - I'm very, very sorry. I was really busy with getting ready for college and as soon as college started - yikes, I've been busy. But hey, I just added a revlatively new poem - go check it out. Take care everyone. Later

DATE: September 19: So it's been a while...but not too bad (like the last time I added a poem haha). I just wrote this poem, so critiques are more than welcome (as always) - it's something that just came out - nothing I'm truly experiencing - more so something from a dark gothic point-of-view (not so much film noir). Anyway, take care everyone. Later

DATE: October 9: Just added another poem...kind of inspired by the movie, "Closer" - simply because I was able to relate quite well to it. Anyway, take care everyone. Hope all is well. Later

DATE: November 3: Hey everyone, I hope all is well - just wanted to say I've added a couple poems. "Last Chance; Your Bait, The Tears, Our Fears" is really just from an odd dream I had (about an ex of mine)...and the other poem, "Oh, Christine" was written a couple weeks ago, yes I know - it's definietly not that great but I beleive it serves its purpose (to a certain someone). Take care. Later

DATE: November 10: What I was trying to say in the poem, "Oh, Christine" - well, needless to say - I was able to get it all out in the poem I just added - "Hanging Upside Down, Head In Pillow, Screaming Silently". Enjoy everyone. Take care. Later

DATE: November 22: Hey everyone I'm back home for Thanksgiving break (five days woo-hoo!) - I definitely can't wait to hangout with my friends here, though it'll suck not partying with the college friends (of course). I was looking through some saved work and thought I'd add this piece which was orriginally written from a writing prompt in class. Anywho, take care everyone. Later

DATE: January 10: Holy moly I haven't updated or at least the NEWS portion in a reaaly, really long time. How the hell have you all been? I've been alright, been enjoying my vacation of a month and one day like no other. It's awesome. I'll be heading back to college next Tuesday so that's really cool, too. I'm really happy to read all of your feedbacks - it's so...helpful, honestly. But I must get going - keep on reading and writing, send me links to your sites. I love to read when I have time to. Take care. Later

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