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My name is Lavina~ I hope you will enjoy my site and please come back often. The poems and spiritual writings on my site are done by me ,so enjoy !
I have written many about my family and friends,and more will be posted soon !


BE... considerate,kind,thoughtful,truthful,patient,carefree,positive,have faith and most of all...be monogamous!
Mom had a sense of humor ;-)
She learned to love life and laugh when given the chance.:)

The most important thing to me is family. I have 3 kids and 6 grandchildren. I am married to a wonderful man.
As I am happy with all I have I know that many are not. This site is dedicated to not only my family and friends but to all the lives out there that don't have the laughter and love that I have.
We as a group have to stand up and fight against the negative and help people with the positive.
Some ways to do this is:
~~~~~~~~~Stop Child abuse in its track!! Stand up and be counted. Help all the children have a chance to love and laugh.

~~~~~~~~~~Stop domestic violence! If you hear violence going on, do something! Don't think it is none of your business, cause it is all our business. Say "NO" to drugs. If we don't do something who will?

One Bad Apple

By: (c)Lavina Burgess

One bad apple in a bag
Take it out before they all go bad
One bad person in a crowd
Tell him/her "Loud" ...
"No bad person in our crowd!"

If a druggie gives you pills
Tell him loud... "
NO" and walk away
Those kind of people
You don't want for friends

To make good friends
You have to be kind
After that... they'll hang around
Good friends are hard to find

A friend for life, is true to you
And always... will be there for you,
Through rough times and good times
Through thick and thin
You'll always have a friend

I have one friend, and she's so fine
We've been friends for a long, long time
I live down south, and she lives up north
Even though we're far apart
She's still... forever in my heart

So... get rid of the bad apple
That's in the bag
Also... the person in the crowd
That's trying to sell you drugs
Just say..."NO"
You don't need friends like that!

~~~~~~~~~Stop animal abuse! It is a fact that human violence is associated with animal abuse. Serial killers and murderers started out with animals before moving on to people. Animals are living beings and should not suffer. Stand up and fight!


By: Lavina Burgess

Animal cruelty, I can't understand
How can anyone be so cruel
It breaks my heart, I feel their pain
Why, why, is there so much hate?
Don't we know...
That animals too, feel the pain?

We stub our toes, or scrape our knees
Or maybe fall
Don't we all cry out?
Don't we feel the pain...the hurt?

Kick a puppy across the room
Or scold them...
Because they pee on the floor
Look in their eyes, and what do you see?
But only the fear of you and me
Don't you think they feel the pain?

A playful kitty, just playing around
Playing with a ball of yarn
Or a puppy, just running through the house
Trying to grab his/her tail
How could one be so cruel?
To abuse an animal, they are such fools

Tortured, mutilated, skinned or burned
How can anyone do such harm
That pet you killed, had once belonged...
To someone, that loved him/her for so long!

All kindness is something that is taught, by teaching compassion and speaking out for the innocent you are doing good and making a difference:)
Let's all remember our troops overseas and lets hope they come home safe.

Remembering Veterans Day
copywrited (c) by: Lavina Burgess

Red Poppy flowers, for our soldiers
Who are disabled or lost their lives
This Poppy flower, became a symbol
For those who carried scars

Mothers and loved ones
Embracing those letters/pictures
Will never forget- our soldiers who fought
To protect our country and theirs

Waiting patiently every day
For those letters...that shed some tears
And phone calls to come our way
To hear a voice, so precious in every way

To Remember all our veterans, this Veterans Day...
I bought a red, Poppy flower... today!

I am also very proud to be a part of the Phenomenal woman of the web! Thank you!!

When reading my poetry know that my heart is in the words and the meanings are in my thoughts. Enjoy and please email me with your thoughts and words of hope.

Thank-you very much !
~~Love,Life,Laughter and Peace~~