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Do enjoy some of my poems,from this
Mount Pearl Newfoundland, Canadian poet.
Thank you for your visit.

Where The Iceberg
Took Titanic Down

In the North Atlantic
Down from the North Pole
Where humpback whales swim
In waters so cold
Giant icebergs still prowl like
The one Southward bound
That due to neglect
Took Titanic down.
Out in the Atlantic
An Island youíll see
Itís called Newfoundland
Thatís where youíll find me.

W.C.Hull © 200288

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About the Author
I am a Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canadian poet. I love writing, reading and exploring poetry. I love to use words and displays of thoughts to present an imaginary that is new, refreshing, easy to flow read and likeable. Have a real good poetic and otherwise day. W.C.Hull

Hello, from this Mount Pearl Newfoundland Canadian poet.

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